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By Aceflipper91

"I see you fall, I see you rise, I see you, love, I see you say, But I am the one who made you do all these. I am called a devastating love.

Lucifer's Own Heart is a short self-help book where the author provides his insights on the meaning of love and it's challenges. He also gives a few tips on how to have a successful relationship.

The topics covered are:

1. True love



4. Seeking Attention 

The author also recounts his own mistakes when it comes to finding love and how he learned to rectify those issues.

The book is not very in-depth and therefore it's sweet and short but it's still okay for its topic.

One of the things that I really liked is that the author remains to the point between right and wrong."


Melina L.


By Aceflipper91

"This is a story of a boy, thinker, believer, doer, creator and all-time emperor

Souvenir Emperor is a story about a boy who had a dream to become an Emperor and the means by which he achieved those dreams.

A short uplifting novel that reassures everyone chasing their dreams that if you put your mind to it and work hard anything is possible.

Although the story told is of an unnamed boy, it is very clear that the author is indirectly aiming it towards the general public as this could be anyone's story.

It's a mixture of fiction and self-help.

What we aim to be is always just one idea away from becoming reality.

I would really like to see this book as a full novel as it has great potential to be something more than just a story because even though it's a good book there are many more avenues that can be explored.

I urge the author to visit this story once more and try to make it into something greater."

Rated 85/100.

Melina L.

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